Uses of Lunkenheimer Valves

Lunkenheimer is a recognizable and trusted brand name that manufactures many different kinds of valves and other machine parts that are popular in the industry. As such, it can sometimes be difficult to tell apart their different valves and their intended uses. This quick guide will tell you about some of their most popular valves and other products that you can buy from retailers such as Authorized Parts and what they are used for:

1. Quick Opening Valve

As the name suggests, these are Lunkenheimer valves which have a quick opening function to allow large amounts of liquid to be released quickly. They are particularly useful in industrial applications.

2. Cork and Fiber Washers

These are found on machinery such as generators to stop vibrations and reduce loud noises on heavy machinery. Other uses, according to a Linkedin guide, are to prevent leakages and plug up tight gaps. They generally come in different sizes depending on the type of machinery they are used for. Rubber washers are a particularly popular choice as they have more elasticity and are resistant to electricity.

3. Globe Valves and Ball Valves

Globe valves are similar to ball valves, another type of Lunkenheimer valves, in that they control the flow of liquid. The main difference is in their shape, which is how they get their names. Both have uses in practically any situation that requires a careful control of liquid flow such as plumbing, industry, manufacturing, and even some home uses.

4. Angle Valves

These are again similar to globe and ball valves, but are intended to direct the flow of liquid out at a right angle to the direction it entered the valve, hence the name.

If you are still uncertain, contact a trusted retailer who will help you to find the valve you need for your project, set up, or piece of machinery.