Unexpected Services Provided by a Roofing Contractor in Norfolk

The roof of your home is one of the most important features of the structure. It is important to keep the roof well maintained and good condition. Many people only think about a Roofing Contractor in Norfolk when they notice a leak or have a roof in poor condition, but roofing contractors provide a number of services that help keep the roof in good condition.

A roofing contractor in Norfolk can also provide inspections of the roof to make sure there are no risks of leaks or loose shingles following a strong storm. The winter time can be rough on a roof due to the extreme changes in temperatures as well as ice buildup.

A roofing company can make sure there are no ice damming problems and that all of the flashing is in good condition. If the flashing gets damaged around the chimney during the winter as result of ice or hail, it can cause severe leaking and damage to the structure of your home. Most roofing contractors do not limit their services to only the spring and summer months, so if you suspect a problem with the roof during the winter it is important to have it inspected to prevent further damage when the snow melts.

Another service provided by many roofing contractors in roof vacuuming and/or cleaning the roof. This type of service is essential in removing leaves and other debris that is on the roof and in the gutters. When there is a buildup of leaves, dirt and debris in the gutters it can cause ice dams and/or clogs, both of which can cause extensive damage to the roof. It is recommended that gutters and the roof be cleaned between at a least two or three times each year. Roofing contractors typically have the type of equipment that makes these tasks quicker and easier. It is also safer to have a roofing contractor do the work on roofs and gutters to prevent you from possible injuries. If you have roof repairs or a new roof installed, speak to the roofing contractor about any maintenance programs the company provide. The types of maintenance programs vary from company to company, make sure you verify the exact type of services that are included with the maintenance program you agree to.

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