Turn Basic Cake Pops into Anything You Imagine

With the creation of cake pop pans, bakers have a new fun way to get creative when it comes to cake decorating. The basic cake pop is a round ball, but there are many other molds and pans available to create almost any shape you want. However, true creativity sparks when you have a benign shape, like a ball sitting in front of you waiting to be transformed into something fabulous. Both professional and at-home bakers enjoy getting creative with cake balls by using fondant, sprinkles, candy decorations, and icing to turn a seemingly simple circle into something fun.

Birthday Party Cake Pops

People often plan a birthday party around a theme. Children’s parties are notorious for being about a specific television character or trendy celebrity. By using cake pop baking pans to effortlessly create dozens of cake balls, you can go from having a white chocolate covered cake ball to having a cake pop decorated like a baseball, skull, soccer ball, flower, eyeball, owl, sheep, or a ghost. Kids love the fun look of cake pops, and they add a bit to the party décor.

Color Theme Cake Pops

Many parties follow a specific color theme. Guests may even be asked to wear specific colors to the party. Rather than have one large cake in the basic color theme, you can transform cake balls into a variety of designs using the colors. For example, if your party is red and white you can have some pops with a base color of red and some with white. Then you use the opposite color in sprinkles, sugar, icing designs, edible spray coloring, or fondant. With a large variety of cake decorating items on the market, you can find decorator pens that allow you to draw intricate designs on your cake pops.

Shaped Cake Pop Pans

If you want to step outside the box and have shaped pops, then you can easily find cake pop pans in a variety of different shapes. While this may take some of the creativity out of inventing your own design, there is still plenty of room to get creative with decorations. There are also other shapes besides a ball that allow for lots of creativity. You can find cake pop pans that include a different shape for each row, with the most common shapes being a star, flower, square, and egg shape. The only limitation to decorating cake pops is your imagination.

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