Facts about Laser Dentistry in San Jose

Many dental clinics are now offering laser dentistry, mainly due to the aesthetics it offers. Dentists use these types of procedures for the removals of dental caries or to whiten teeth, etc. However, the major contribution of laser dentistry is the decontamination of periodontal pockets concerning the treatment of gum disease (periodontitis), which will avoid conventional (and unpleasant) surgeries. Professionals that offer laser dentistry in San Jose have seen a remarkable increase in patient flow, not only because of aesthetics, but rather due to the many procedures being safe and painless.

The laser can treat small and medium cavities without anesthesia and without the need for a drill. In some cases, caries that still need a seal may require preparation for the sealant or filling. This remediates periodontal tissues, decontaminates the tooth, calms pain, etc. Dentists will go over the need for any additional treatments during the consultation visit.

Treatment of gingivitis

Laser treatments, concerning gingivitis and periodontitis, stimulate gingival cells, triggering a faster healing process starting with the bottom of the pocket. This is ideal and avoids surgical treatment. Besides reducing inflammation, laser therapy can disinfect periodontal pockets. Laser treatment is done after scaling (root planing). For best results, several laser sessions may be required at regular intervals to allow rapid healing, allowing an ideal, clean and healthy oral environment.

Laser therapy eliminates all infected tissue and leaves the periodontal pocket tissues healthy. Studies show that laser therapy significantly decreases the amount of bacteria in the periodontal pocket, especially when there is an invasive bacterium associated with the progression of gum disease. Besides its therapeutic action, a low power laser bio-stimulation allows an increase of blood flow, the formation of collagen fibers collagen and bone cell activity. It also treats periodontal pocket, reducing the risk of future oral problems. The latest laser technology help keep the arch of teeth from being compromised.

Effects of laser

* Bio-stimulation of gums

* Increases the rate of healing

* Reduction of inflammation

* Removal of infected tissue

* Disinfection of pockets

* Avoids patient from having surgery

* CAUTION: gums may withdraw more when inflammation of gums decreases. This is a sign of healing.

Laser dentistry is a very exciting process to go through, especially if you have oral health issues. It is usually a quick and painless process. For more information about laser dentistry in San Jose, contact California Shine Dental today.

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