Turf Equipment and Agricultural Solutions to Cotton Production

Who doesn’t like the soft, homey feel of cotton? It’s the perfect texture for every season.

Cotton manufacturers predicted in 2007 that world cotton production would surpass 115 million bales. That statement was over ten years ago when the world population hadn’t yet reached the numbers we see today. It’s no wonder that cotton sales and cotton production would require some sophisticated technology to keep up with ever-growing demands.

Unsurprisingly, technology has become a significant part of life over the years, helping to make life a little easier, and getting work done a bit faster. In the cotton industry, too, this truth still holds.

The harvesting, collecting, sorting, and cleaning of cotton can be quite a task. Cotton farmers and manufacturers need reliable machines to get the job done right and quickly. Insert the cotton mover. A reputable commercial cotton mover can compress harvested cotton into “blocks” called modules.

Modules can get pretty heavy with all that cotton weight, far too heavy for efficient and fast production of modules into bales and onto trucks headed for processing.

Cotton module handlers make collecting modules much more manageable. Single-lift machines are simple in design and, therefore, easy to implement, but over time they’re not efficient enough to fulfill multiple orders. Using a commercial cotton mover with the ability to carry heavy loads is going to make harvesting, handling, and moving far easier, helping to increase the bottom line.

Sustainable turf equipment produces quality machinery accompanied by smart design.

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