Filing for Bankruptcy in Honolulu, HI, Instead of Borrowing From Family

For many men and women, borrowing money from family and close friends is the last resort. They may get into serious financial trouble before they approach relatives and friends, now desperate for enough money to stop foreclosure, eviction or car repossession. By this point, turning to a bankruptcy law firm in Honolulu, HI, may be the most reasonable solution.

Potential Future Problems

It may prove impossible to pay back loved ones in any sort of reasonable time frame. That can lead to hard feelings and even an end to some close relationships. There may be no way to borrow all the money necessary to get out of the dire financial circumstances. Filing Chapter 7 with a bankruptcy law firm in Honolulu, HI, allows this person to make a fresh start instead of potentially making things even worse.

Without sufficient income and a clear plan for paying back these loans, the person may still end up having to declare bankruptcy within a year or two. The loans provided by individuals would still be outstanding. Filing for Chapter 7 instead of borrowing even more money would have been a significantly more sensible option.

A New Path

Although people generally find it very difficult emotionally to admit they should declare bankruptcy, it is an effective solution for serious financial trouble. The federal government has approved this action as a path to a new, more responsible lifestyle. Legal representation can be provided by the law firm Goodsill, which offers contact details at visit us website.

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