Treating “Hard Water” – Water Softeners

Today’s world has an understanding of the need to protect water. They have a basic understanding of such things as water tables, water degradation and other related matters. Consumers also desire potable water. They want to be able to drink, wash and cook with the water they receive from their wells or faucets. Companies need to use only the cleanest water to produce their products. All have increasingly come to rely on water treatment equipment to achieve these needs.

Types of Water Treatment Equipment

The market place advertises a wide variety of water treatment equipment and products for industrial, commercial and residential use. Some companies manufacture entire systems while others provide essential parts and products. Among the most commonly known and advertises are:

* Water softeners

* Water conditioners

* Refiners

* Filters for iron and diverse impurities

What type of water treatment equipment or products you require depends upon geography, the purpose of the water and the regulations in place governing it. Yet, among the most common equipment found in industries, commercial business and homes concerns itself with water softening.

Water Softening Equipment

The purpose of a water softener is to remove any minerals from “hard water.” This may refer to the need to get rid of iron or calcium in the water. While some may consider the buildup of these minerals harmless, others perceive them as costly. The increase of these and similar minerals in boilers, cooling towers and other equipment can cause mechanical devices to malfunction and create serious and quite costly problems in production. This is one major reason why companies, at least, employ water treatment equipment, particularly water softeners.

Water softening equipment requires the use of a brine tank. The brine tank is a plastic container of varied size, volume and color. It contains a brine solution. The brine solution consists of a blend of salt and water. This combination is employed to regenerate the resin employed in the process to soften the water.

Water softening equipment can be free standing or come in cabinet form. The former is generally higher in capacity since it must consist of two separate tanks: brine and mineral. The cabinet water softener is more compact. A single cabinet is host to the brine and mineral tank. The latter is not for industrial use while the former is more apt for this purpose.

With people and industries becoming more conscientious of the state of the nation’s water supply, water treatment equipment is more common among all levels of societal use. With the need for clean water a given, the demand for such equipment will continue to rise over the coming years.

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