Top Three Reasons Wedding Chuppahs in Maui Are Trending

Though some wedding trends come and go, others are here to stay. In the case of wedding chuppahs, this elegant wedding element has been around for a long time but is currently trending again. A wedding chuppah is similar to a wedding arch, symbolizing commitment and the home the couple will build together. Wedding chuppahs are beautiful, symbolic, and come in many styles to suit your wedding theme and preferences.

Wedding chuppahs in Maui are often an excellent addition for tropical weddings. In particular, a popular trend is to hang fresh flower leis over the wedding chuppah. More formal chuppahs can suit more formal weddings as well with everything from lights to linens.

Here is why wedding chuppahs are currently trending:

Portable and Easy Setup

Save money on the setup by choosing a wedding chuppah. There are lots of options that can be worked into any budget and chuppahs often act as the centerpiece of a wedding, reducing the need for excessive decor and saving you money on rental and setup costs. Also, chuppahs are lightweight and portable so you can sometimes even pick up the wedding decor yourself.

Budget Friendly

Wedding chuppahs are one of the most affordable and attractive wedding decorations that you can rent. Most Maui weddings are outdoors and a wedding chuppah helps to make the setting more private and intimate for you and your guests. Whether your wedding is formal, casual, or somewhere in between, contact us to learn about how a wedding chuppah can help bring your ceremony together beautifully while bringing practicality by shielding you and your future spouse from the sun.

Customizable and Unique

From flowers to linens, a wedding chuppah is very versatile and customizable. You can change up the look of any wedding chuppah to match your wedding theme, style, and personality. With all the versatility and beauty, wedding chuppahs still remain inexpensive even when perfectly tailored to suit your needs.