Obtaining Radiator Repair Service Fort Collins CO

When someone has an older home with a radiator and boiler present to heat the interior, they will need to perform simple maintenance tasks to ensure it continues to work as it should during cooler temperatures. Failing to take care of a radiator properly could lead to damage, potential outages, or the need for Radiator Repair Service Fort Collins CO. Here are some tips one take to ensure their radiator works throughout the wintertime.

Check Over The Piping System

It is important to check over the piping system to ensure it is working properly. If there are cracks or leaks present within pipes, the pressure inside will not be enough to keep the home warm. At the first sign of a cracked or leaking pipe, a call to a Radiator Repair Service Fort Collins CO should be made to properly replace them within the system.

Bleed Hot-Water Radiators Yearly

Hot-water radiators need to be bled each year to remove any air from the unit. This will allow the radiator to continue heating the home effectively. This is done with a key that fits into one portion on the radiator. When it is turned counter-clockwise, water will drip from the unit. A collection bin will be necessary to avoid damaging the flooring where the radiator is located. After the water is removed, the pressure gauge should be checked to ensure it is within the manufacturer’s recommendations. If necessary, add water to get it back into the correct range. Click here for more details.

Clean Out Steam Radiator Vents

When a homeowner has a steam radiator, there will be a need to clean out the vents on the unit so it works properly. These vents are located about halfway down each of the sides of the unit. A thin piece of wire can be used to move debris from these vent holes. It will be necessary to refrain from painting a steam radiator so the vent holes do not become covered.

When there is a need for Radiator Repair Service Fort Collins CO, hiring a reputable service is desired. Contact Paul’s Plumbing & Heating to schedule an appointment or get pricing information today.