Top Reasons To Buy A Jaguar XJ

For car buyers in and around Philadelphia, the Jaguar XJ is a great option in a luxury sedan. For buyers looking for a comfortable ride in a used or

certified pre-owned vehicle, the XJ is a classic choice that combines many different features and options for drivers.

There are several reasons that owners of the XJ list as their favorite features and options in the vehicle. However, for those looking for a used or

certified pre-owned XJ, here are a few of the compelling reasons to consider this as your next vehicle purchase.

Responsive and Fun to Drive

It is not surprising that owners of the Jaguar XJ in Philadelphia, report that is a highly responsive vehicle that, despite its classic look, is a lot

of fun to drive. As with all Jaguars, the XJ has smooth and powerful acceleration and is very easy to maneuver in traffic. It also comes with a number

of driver-assist and safety features that make it easy to park and backup, even in tight places.

Quiet and Comfortable

Riding in the Jaguar XJ is a truly relaxing experience. The seats are designed with passenger and driver comfort in mind, and the entire cabin is

spacious and well-designed. Depending on the model year, four-zone climate control is also standard.

All-Wheel Drive on Some Trims

For driving in and around Philadelphia, the all-wheel drive option on some XJ trim levels makes this a great winter and summer car. The newer models

offer “smart” technology that senses the road to provide the optimal traction and adjustments for the current road conditions, which is a safety
advantage worth considering.

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