Buying Your Bitcoin from a Trusted Service Located in the United States

If you’ve got some money to invest, you might be thinking about putting it into Bitcoin. The problem is finding someone reliable who will sell it to you.

Instead of just purchasing from a single person, you might want to purchase Bitcoin from a service instead. Take a look into a service that offers all of this when you’re looking to buy BTC with a credit card.


Some Bitcoin services require you to give you a lot of your identity away, like a photo ID or a social security number.

Fortunately, you can find Bitcoin ATM services that allow you to buy BTC with a credit card and only use your phone number for identification. You’ll find this much more beneficial than giving your personal information away to someone who could lose it or use it maliciously.


To secure your money, some Bitcoin sellers might hold on to the Bitcoin that you’ve purchased for multiple days to ensure that you aren’t going to run off with their money. This can seem quite unacceptable to you, especially if you were looking forward to using your Bitcoin in a transaction right away.

You should find a service that allows you to have Bitcoin sent to your virtual wallet in minutes. You’ll then be flexible to spend your Bitcoin whenever you want or sell it if you think that you’ll be able to make some extra money quickly.

Bitcoin Seller

Now that you have your credit card lying around, it’s time to start purchasing some Bitcoin. You’ll want to go on the hunt for a service you can use for a long time.

Other customers of one popular service can recommend you a service they have enjoyed. Get some information about RockItCoin Bitcoin ATM by heading to their website.

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