Top 5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Plumbing Contractor in Norcross

A plumbing contractor should be able to solve all your plumbing issues while guaranteeing you and your family are safe. The problem is, not all plumbing companies offer the same level of services. Some specialize in certain aspects of their industry, and some are new companies that have not experienced many of the uncommon problems that could arise. In order to ensure that you choose the right company to work with, it is vital to keep in mind the following five questions.

1. Do you have a License?

A license proves that a plumber has passed all government testing and is well aware of the latest building codes. A licensed plumbing contractor is definitely a sign of professionalism and experience.

2. Can you Show your Proof of Insurance?

The company you want to hire must carry the appropriate insurance. In a worst case scenario, if a contractor does not carry liability insurance and something unexpected happens that damages your property while the plumbers are working on your plumbing system, you might be held financially responsible for the disaster.

3. Can you Provide me with a Written Estimate?

A written estimate signed by the director will completely eliminate the chance of being negatively surprised by a large bill. Never assume you will have to pay a certain fee. Always ask before the project starts.

4. Can I Contact Some of your Previous Clients?

If the plumbing agency has a negative answer to this question, it means something is fishy. You should contact a few of the company’s previous customers in order to discover if whether or not the plumbing contractor in Norcross lives up to its name. You could also contact the Better Business Bureau or check some online review communities in order to learn more about the company you want to hire.

5. Do you Offer Emergency Plumbing Services?

If the company is not available in the middle in the night, you should stay away from them. Most emergencies happen during the night or outside of normal business hours, so a plumbing company that offers emergency service is of paramount importance.

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