Expert Trailer Repair in Cameron Park, CA

When truck drivers need new trailers, or repairs on their trailers, many choose to have all work done by professional mechanics who are trained to work on big trucks. They know that they will get the best repair work in the shortest amount of time, allowing them to get back on the road as soon as possible. It is not only professional truckers who drive trucks with trailers attached. Non-professionals use trailers for hauling many things themselves, including sport vehicles, gardening equipment, and other large items. They also need to know that their trailers are being worked on by experts who are using nothing but high quality parts. After all, trucks and trailers will be on public roads, so they must work properly as well as meet all state and local safety standards.

Expert trailer repair is available from Vintage Transport Cameron Park, CA, serving the area since 1988. In addition to repairs, new trailers are available in many sizes and models. Styles available include dump, car, and heavy equipment trailers, off-road jeepers, quad haulers, all steel construction utility, and lawn and garden trailers. Custom truck flatbeds and loading ramps can also be built according to what customers need, and to their exact specifications. Truck owners will find a huge selection of truck accessories and parts that can be installed quickly by on-site mechanics. Customers can expect the best repairs on large and small trailers, and every size in between.

Some drivers do prefer to do a lot of their vehicle maintenance and repairs themselves. This is why there is a huge selection of trailer parts available, including axles, suspension components, couplers, springs, hangers, wiring, lighting, tires and wheels, steel, and more. In addition to trailer parts, there are also a number of truck and trailer accessories available to the general public, including hitches, caps and lids, deck lids, tool boxes from such manufacturers as Taylor Wings, Weather Guard, and Better Built, S-line tie downs, and much more. If someone needs a part that is not in the inventory, it is no problem to request that it be special ordered. Visit for more details.

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