Top 3 Effects of IT on Apparel Supply Chain

As Information Technology or IT advances, it can’t help but have an influence on the apparel supply chain. IT directly influences areas such as constant refilling, vendor refilling, planning forecasts, and postponement. There are numerous benefits it brings to the industry and opens up possibilities such as balanced interaction between members along the supply chain and providing new techniques for organizing. Here are the top three effects it can generate.

Information Sharing

Members along the apparel supply chain need to do more than just share information. Information sharing includes a variety of data that can affect actions and performance for other members. IT can enhance transferring demand data, capacity plans, inventory status, and even electronic fund transfers. Being able to connect and transfer data in real-time can improve efficiency all along the line from manufacturer to retailer.

Synchronized Planning

Synchronized planning brings several elements together including design and plans for products from introducing it to predicting and refilling orders. Members along the chain can share what role previous and future members play and can plan accordingly. As each party understands where they are along the line and what is expected of them, execution is smoother and faster.

Coordinating Workflow

Information technology allows for smoother workflow and coordination between retailer and manufacturer. By automating business processes the apparel supply chain can become a seamless operation. Activities including order fulfillment, procurement, design optimization, and even financial exchanges can provide cost-effective outcomes and an unfailing supply chain function.

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