Choosing a Home Base When the Military Calls

You are a proud member of the military. You knew exactly what you were getting into when you signed up. You’re ready to go wherever your country needs you to go. If you are sent to California for a short term, you may want different accommodations than the base can offer. You are looking for something that will make you and your family feel more comfortable. When you are assigned in a new place, they come with you. They’re part of the package. If you need military housing Chula Vista that will live up to everyone’s expectations, consider apartment housing that has everything in place, waiting for you.

All You Need to Do is Turn the Key
You don’t have time to hunt all over the place for apartments. You don’t want to worry about finding furniture. You want something more inviting than the base. Furnished military housing Chula Vista could be the answer for you. Enjoy attractive grounds, apartments that are maintained with the attention you deserve, and all of the comforts you would expect without the work. You can focus on serving where you are carried to serve. You can rest assured your family will have a pleasant place to stay while you are doing your duty.

Check Out Apartments that are Ready for You
Corporate Foxwood Apartments open their arms to military members when there is a need for temporary housing. If you are looking for a stay for a month or more, go to See what accommodations are available for your stay while you are pulled to California for your next round of service. You’ll find that you have everything already in place for you in a convenient location that is close to many of the attractions California has to offer.

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