Today’s Fabrication Shop Focus – Thermal Deburring Services

Quality is always a concern in manufacturing. Companies want clean and burr-free components. Conventional methods do not always achieve the reliable and consistent results industries want. Fortunately, technology has an answer – thermal deburring services. This thermo-chemical technique easily and quickly delivers parts conforming to the stringent demands of even the most demanding company in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Why Employ Thermal Deburring?

Thermal deburring or TEM is a removal process utilizing fast bursts of heated energy to evaporate undesirable burrs on surface substrates. Afterward, operators clean the part to remove any residue. A more gentle removal process than conventional systems, the technique is successful on a variety of different materials including alloys, metals, and thermoplastics. This versatility allows thermal deburring services to be an effective tool in producing quality parts.

Moreover, the process finds favor because it produces uniform results in each cycle. This ensures consistency in the parts – something not always possible in manual or vibratory deburring. In addition, while TEM is capable of removing burrs from difficult or impossible to access sections through any other means on the metal substrate, it accomplishes this without leaving behind nicks, scratches or other deformities on the machined surface.

Typical Applications

In Grand Rapids, TEM finds its employment in various industries. It is best suited for applications presenting inaccessible burrs. These include internal and external flashing burrs as well as those parts with rough edge finishes. Applications with threaded holes also find the process advantageous. Two major industries – automotive and die-casting agree on this.

Thermal Deburring Services

Thermal deburring is a reliable, consistent means in which a fabricator or other metalworker can produce clean and burr-free components. It accomplishes this in rapid cycle times while maintaining low energy costs. If your company is seeking products that are reliable and uniformly are clean of burrs, consider thermal deburring services. In Grand Rapids, shops find this a popular method effective in removing undesirable flaws for their customers.

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