How Grand Rapids OEMs Can Use Liquid Plastisol Coatings

There are many different coating options for metals, and the choice of the best material for the job is often a combination of practical needs and aesthetics. A cost-effective and incredibly versatile option in a coating that is a good choice for both of these reasons is liquid plastisol.

Different OEMs in the Grand Rapids area are already familiar with the practical side of the choice of liquid plastisol. This is a PVC material that is combined with a plasticizer to be a thick coating that can be textured or colored to meet any specific requirements.

High Levels of Protection

The chemical composition of plastisol makes it a highly durable type of coating. It is resistant to wear and tear, scuffing, and abrasion, which means it can be used on a wide range of products.

A common use of this material is in coating the handles of tools or use on outdoor or indoor furniture or equipment. The coating not only protects the metal from corrosion, but it can also be formulated to be resistant to UV light damage, to stand up to temperature extremes and changes, and to add a slip resistant surface.

As with any type of thick coating, the choice of liquid plastisol can also protect equipment and components from damage if dropped, scratched, or otherwise used in harsh working conditions. At the same time, the color variations available with the coating make it easy to color code equipment, tools, and parts, which can be a key component for Grand Rapids OEMs selling original equipment or aftermarket components.

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