Tips to Help Homeowners in Rochester, MN Prepare for a Roof Replacement

Preparing before roofers arrive to do a major repair or completely replace the roof can protect a homeowner’s property. It can also relieve anxiety in children and pets. Here are a few things homeowners should think about in the days before a roofing project.

Roofing installation in Rochester, MN, can take several days or even weeks, depending on the size of the project and other factors. Machinery is usually used, which means that loud noises are likely to occur. Parents can explain to children how the work will be done and even get them excited about watching some of the project from a safe distance away from the house. Pets can be held in a safe location in the home or may even spend a couple of days at a friend’s house to eliminate their anxiety.

While those who work for a company that offers roofing installation in Rochester, MN, are going to be careful and treat the property owner’s home with respect, it is good to understand that removing an old roof and replacing it means that noise will be made, the property will get dirty, and debris may fall. The homeowner should look around the home in the days ahead of the project and move patio furniture, the barbecue, children’s toys, and lawn ornaments out of the way to protect them. They should also walk around the inside of the home and remove items from the walls that could fall and break because of vibrations coming from the roof.

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