Reasons to Hire a Lawyer in South Windsor, CT. to Negotiate with an Insurer

For several important reasons, a personal injury lawyer in South Windsor, CT. is better at negotiating with an insurance company than an individual is. Their clients receive more money on average. They also are better educated about what to expect.

Higher Settlements

Injured persons who hire an attorney for representation typically receive significantly higher settlements than those who do not. The fee for the legal service is a percentage of the settlement. Clients still come out ahead compared with those who try negotiating with adjusters independently.

Clearing Up Misconceptions

A personal injury lawyer in South Windsor, CT. also clears up any misconceptions the clients have about settlements. For instance, people may expect an enormous sum of money, but most settlements do not turn the recipients into millionaires.

An individual trying to negotiate may assume that the offer is final if the insurance adjuster says so. Lawyers know that this is a bluff. If the insurance company realizes there is a true risk of a lawsuit being filed, the adjusters are more motivated to offer more money.

In many cases, the person’s medical insurance pays for expenses related to the accident. Otherwise, medical bills would remain outstanding for months and might be sent to collections. When the settlement check arrives, the health insurance must be reimbursed for what that company had paid. Many men and women have no idea that they handle paying this money back out of the settlement.

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