Tips To Get Results From Expo Stands

If you are like most people, you want to consider a trade show to expand your business and get your company noticed. However, it can be tricky when you’re just starting out and you may think that it is too difficult to handle. However, there are some tips that can help you start doing well at trade shows.

Location Isn’t Everything

Everyone is always talking about the area and finding the perfect one. When you’re searching for your next company, you want the perfect spot. When you’re searching for the perfect home, you want the best location. However, trade shows are a little different, and no area can be a bad area unless you don’t work it hard enough. Most people walk around the entire area first, so you will always have a chance to meet them.

Say Hi

Say hello to everyone who walks past, even if they don’t notice you. While you don’t want to be desperate, you can still be approachable and friendly and saying hello isn’t a desperate attempt. Instead, it is a friendly attempt to get people to notice you.

Bring The Best

Bring the best employees with you. While some people will dress up their employees in short skirts or other noticeable clothing, you want people to think of you as being a professional and someone they can trust.

Don’t Focus On The Brand

While most people tell you to focus on your branding, it could be hurting you at trade shows. Expo stands are there to show off your brand for you, but they can do so much more. Yes, you should have you logo or brand name, but you should also include bullet points about why people need your brand instead of another.

Keep Notes

Keeping notes can help you keep people straight. You will be talking with a lot of people during the show, so it is important to remember who you talked with about what. Jot down their name and a few words about what you guys talked about and put it in a safe place until you are finished with the event.


If you kept notes during the event, you can now quickly follow up with them. During the event, you’ll want to get phone numbers and preferably email addresses to help with the follow-up, making it easier to get potential sales.

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