Tips To Avoid Problems When Buying Wholesale Travertine

As a contractor or a homeowner, buying wholesale travertine offers many benefits besides just the price. Reputable companies offering travertine at wholesale prices are usually direct importers, which means they bring millions of square feet of this natural stone into the United States from Turkey on an annual basis.

This trip across the ocean takes the travertine about six weeks from the seller. This is one reason special orders on this product take so long, and why having the inventory on hand is so critical.

Other Purchasing Options

It is possible to buy travertine from other distributors or sellers in the USA other than specific wholesale travertine importers. Most of the large national chain hardware stores will carry a small selection of tiles, and some flooring stores will carry a more extensive line.
However, this is not at wholesale travertine prices. There will be additional charges added on by each company or middleman handling the product when it moves from the port to the various distributors across the country.

Quality Concerns

Occasionally you may find a discount flooring store selling product they have listed as wholesale travertine. This may be large lots of tiles or pavers with very limited selection in colors or finishes.

In most situations it is not the premium grade of travertine, but rather an inferior stone. To be a top grade for quality the travertine has to meet specific criteria and cannot have surface defects or significant pitting or surface irregularities.

Carefully checking the tiles, and not just the top tile in the box or pallet, is essential. It is also critical to buy not just the number of tiles you need but also the recommended additional percentage required by your installer or contractor.

It is highly unlikely these types of companies selling this wholesale travertine would be able to get additional tiles to match should you require them. Never make a purchase unless the inventory is available to get all the tiles or pavers you need at the same time.

Wholesale travertine companies are the best option when making a purchase. You will be able to have the advantage of their experience and knowledge, and you will have their customer service and support all through your purchase. This not only adds peace of mind, but also gives you the comfort in knowing they will be there in the future as well.

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