Tips on Choosing a Good Cigar

For many people, cigar smoking allows them to feel classy and cultured because of the elegance associated with this type of tobacco product. Many novice cigar smokers have a hard time picking out a quality cigar because they do not know what to look for. There are many different characteristics that make up a good stogie and knowing them will allow you to smoke only the best. With all of the many brands out there it is easy to pay too much for a low quality product. The following are a few tips on what to look for when trying to find quality Cuban or Non Cuban Cigars.

Sense of Touch

One of the first things you need to do when looking at various brands of cigars is pick them up and see what type of texture they have. A high quality cigar will have a somewhat of an oily texture and will be firm feeling. If the cigar you are holding feels brittle and you notice cracking in the roller, then you need to keep looking. Usually, when a cigar is cracking or brittle it means it has been stored improperly and it is probably low quality.

Specialty Shops Are Best

Many novice cigar smokers make the mistake of getting all of their stogies from a gas station or liquor store. The best place to get your cigars is from a specialty tobacco store because they have a wider selection and in most cases, the staff will be more knowledgeable. You need to find a store that has walk in humidors because this lets you know that the cigars you buy have been stored properly. Generally, all you will be able to get at gas stations and liquor stores are low quality cigars that are not worth the money.

Protect Your Cigars

One of the best investments that a new cigar smoker can make is a small humidor, which will help to keep your cigars fresh. Without a humidor, the cigars you buy have to be smoked within two to three days of purchase or they will begin to dry out. If you buy a cigar that has been stored in a tube, then you will be able to wait a little longer to smoke it because the moisture holds a lot better in a tube. Usually humidors are fairly inexpensive and they are well worth the money that you spend on them.

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