Professional Screen Printing and Embroidery in Bonner Springs

Embroidery began as strictly a decorative art. Talented needle workers were able to create magnificent tapestries, covers for furnishings, items of clothing and carpets. Many of these items were elaborate and used as a symbol of wealth for centuries. Some cultures even began the tradition of weaving genuine gold thread through their cloth as well as adding valuable beads and gems.
Eventually technology advanced and machines took over much of the embroidery work and hand work was left to small detailing or hobbies. The advancements in machine embroidery have made it a popular method for adding names and logos to jackets, clothing and many other items.

Custom embroidered items are frequently used for work uniforms, baseball caps and personalizing items. Many shops that offer these types of services typically also offer screen printing as well, making them a one-stop shop for all printing needs.

If you are attempting to choose between embroidery and screen printing for a clothing project, there are easy ways to help you decide. Embroidery typically looks more formal and more elaborate. It provides more texture and gives a three-dimensional appearance.

Screen printing and embroidery are both capable of intricate designs but embroidery makes colors more vibrant. It also can be done on a large portion of the clothing article. Large embroidery projects will be too heavy for most clothing. It can cause it to sag and tear. Screen printing is also much more cost-efficient than embroidery.

Each project is different than the next and what will work best may be a question for the experts. More may be possible than you think. Whatever method you choose, you will get the best result by bringing in a clear graphic image of what you are looking to recreate.

The House of Apparel is a business that offers Embroidery in Bonner Springs. They have a full selection of items to choose from or you can bring in your own clothing to have personalized. They also offer multiple screen printing services from small quick jobs to complex tasks.

Whatever your need, for one sweatshirt or a team full of baseball caps and jerseys, remember the House of Apparel for all your Embroidery in Bonner Springs.

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