Tips on Buying the Right Crane for your Trucks

Do you need to haul heavy and bulky loads? It is sometimes hard to get these materials safely loaded on the truck, and this is why many companies visit Venturo crane dealers in Fresno CA for expert assistance and installation. Here are some important things to remember when you check out truck cranes.


What kind of materials do you plan to haul? Do you haul large HVAC units or industrial motors? Perhaps you plan to load your trucks with bulky materials like sewer pipes or large wastewater equipment. It is important to know the size and weight of the materials you need to load and unload. This helps you determine the best kind of lifting equipment from Venturo crane dealers in Fresno CA.

Truck Capacity

Your trucks may easily handle all the weight you plan to haul. However, you need to figure in the weight of your crane too. Some cranes can weigh ten tons or much more. This greatly reduces the weight you can safely carry.

Every truck has limits on how much it can take without bending the frame. You need to know this limit before Venturo crane dealers in Fresno CA install a large crane on your vehicle. You may need to contact your truck’s manufacturer for the RBM resting bending movement figures.


Some cranes are large and tall. In fact, you need to make sure your new crane does not violate height or width requirements for trucks. Consult local authorities to make sure your crane conforms to all the highway and road regulations.


A large crane can affect the way weight gets distributed on your trucks. In fact, if you install a crane too far to the back of the bed, the truck’s stability is adversely affected. This may affect the handling, performance, and safety of your commercial vehicles.

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