Say Ahh! Improve the Look and Feel of Your Mouth at Utica, NY Family Dentistry

Despite some people’s best efforts, missing teeth become problematic at some point in life. This may result in the need for replacement teeth. In the past treatment options for missing teeth involved getting a bridge or dentures, both of which were artificial looking and impermanent solutions. Today, dentists including Utica, NY Family Dentistry offer a new, better option in the form of dental implants.

What are Dental Implants and How Can They Help Me?

Quality dental implants like those offered by Utica, NY family dentistry are a replacement for the tooth root. The dental implant becomes a foundation for permanent replacement teeth, made to match natural teeth still existing in the mouth. A dental implant is something like a crown, only more permanent. Dental implants can help by improving the appearance of the mouth, because they look just like normal teeth and feel like them too. Many individuals find that implants help with speech. Unlike dentures, dental implants will not fall out of or slip in the mouth. Dental implants also allow for proper chewing, because they act and operate just like normal teeth do. Implants also offer better overall oral hygiene, because teeth don’t have to be reduced or shaven to implant oral implants and your ordinary teeth are left in place when implants are placed in the mouth. Nearby teeth do not have to support an implant.

How Long Can Implants Last?

Implants are among the best option for individuals looking for a long-term solution to tooth loss. Implants may last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. Dental implants will not have to be removed, and are not at risk for cavities unlike ordinary teeth. Dental implants typically have a very high success rate, depending on where the in the mouth an implant is placed. To receive implants, it is necessary to have enough bone in place to hold an implant. Individuals must common to regular dental checkups and good oral hygiene to maintain oral implants. Chronic health conditions may affect dental implants, as can certain types of therapy including radiation therapy in the head or neck area. Most dentists will discuss your qualifications for dental implants on an individualized basis, and come up with a personalized treatment plan to ensure that you get the care and coverage you need to look and feel your best.

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