Tips for Spring Landscape Maintenance in Spokane

With spring on its way, many homeowners are beginning to give some thought to their yards. Landscape Maintenance in Spokane can feel like an uphill battle this time of year, given the often severe effects that the winter has on lawns and gardens. The tips below are intended to help property owners get their outdoor landscapes back for the upcoming season.

Planting Annuals

Those who are starting their annuals from seed should be seriously considering getting them in the ground soon, as most of them must be planted two weeks before the last anticipated frost date. However, those who plan to transplant their annual plants from pots should wait until the last frost date has already passed.

When to Fertilize

Fertilizing lawns, gardens, and trees is an absolute must for those who want to have a healthy, beautiful landscape, but every variety of grass and garden plant requires fertilization at different times. It’s also essential to purchase specialized fertilizers for the lawn, as the nutrient levels required by grass are quite different from those required by garden plants. Trees must also be lightly fertilized, usually several times a year, especially when they’re young.

Removing Mulch

Perennial plants require a bed of mulch to stay warm through the winter, but that mulch bed should be removed once spring rolls around. Failing to remove mulch on time can lead to the growth of harmful mold while stunting the growth of perennial flowers, so be sure to remove it once the ground has thawed. The old mulch can sometimes be reused once perennial plants have become sufficiently established, although if it has decomposed significantly over the winter months, it should be replaced.

Know When to Hire a Pro

If the tasks listed above sound like a lot of work, it’s because they are; plus, there are plenty of other minor details that really can’t be overlooked when preparing a comprehensive backyard landscape for the upcoming growing season. Remember: there’s no shame in hiring a professional to perform Landscape Maintenance in Spokane, as these professionals have all of the tools and the expertise required to perform this kind of work more efficiently. Contact us to get started today.

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