4 Basic Types of Garage Doors

Garage doors are not only space for homeowners to park their cars but an extension of the home itself. This is why it is important to pick a garage door that can enhance your home’s appearance and add overall value to it. These are four of the main types of garage doors many homeowners choose from. Keep these in mind as you look for a company that installs garage doors in Palm Bay, FL.

Swing Out Garage Doors

These kinds of garage doors open up to the outside. One reason some people opt for this choice is due to the extra ceiling space. You won’t have to worry about a garage door taking up storage space.

Swing Up Garage Doors

A swing up garage door is one that allows you to easily lift and tilt the garage door up. It usually has a pivot mechanism that makes it easy to open and close the door.

Slide to the Side Garage Doors

A slide to the side garage door is one that slides over to one side to be opened. This allows you more parking space as well as extra ceiling storage. You can often use remote controls to open this kind of garage door. This type of door is especially good at keeping out leaves and other debris.

Roll Up Garage Doors

The last type of garage door is one of the most popular. The reason many people go with roll up garage doors is because they are less expensive. They are also easier to use since you can open and close the door with a garage opener.

These are the four main types of garage doors that you may encounter as you look for garage doors in Palm Bay, FL. There are many different styles, colors and material options available for each type. Just remember to take into consideration how a certain kind of garage door will look next to your home.

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