Tips for Selecting the Right Drink Dispenser Size

When it comes to the Drink Dispenser that you use you have to consider what size is right for your operation. With more and more syrup flavors being introduced by syrup companies, drink dispenses are growing in size to meet the new offerings. After all, dispensed drinks provide business owners with a 60 percent profit margin over cans and bottles that only offer 30 percent margins. When you have a high-volume dispenser, with a big selection, you will have a much larger chance to be profitable.

Manual Dispenser Considerations

If you plan to manually load the beverage and ice dispenser, the storage capacity that it offers will likely be determined by the number of valves that you want to have and how often you are willing to fill up the dispenser. The more valves that you choose, the wider dispensers that you will need, which equates to more available storage. As long as you have a backroom ice maker with an adequate capacity, you will be able to refill the drink dispenser as much as necessary to keep up with the demand. You should not forget to consider the other uses of ice when you are determining if your ice maker will be able to meet your needs.

Before you begin to calculate the dispenser capacity that you need, you will need to consider how many drink dispensers you should purchase. Since no more than 360 people each hour will be able to physically visit and access these dispensers, one large dispenser may be able to provide you with adequate capacity, but not be able to actually accommodate the number of customers. This is an especially important consideration for cafeterias and other restaurants that experience a high amount of traffic during the lunch or dinner hours.

In order to determine how many dispensers that you need, you should devide the number of total patrons that are expected during a busy hour by 360. Then determine the size of the dispenser based on the average cup size that is going to be used.

You need to carefully consider the size of drink dispenser that you choose to ensure that it will accommodate the needs of your customers. If it runs out of product in the middle of a peak hour, chances are this will hurt your profits as well as your brand reputation.

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