Tips for Pawning Jewelry in Atlanta

If you are looking to pawn jewelry in Atlanta, then there are a few things that you might want to look into first. It’s not really a hard process to go through, but you have to make sure that the pawn shop you choose is reputable and in a good location. Read on below for some steps on how to pawn jewelry in Atlanta.

The first thing you need to do is get the jewelry together that you wish to pawn. Pawn shops take more gold and platinum than anything else, and many of them weigh and give you so much for what it weighs. Many times a pawn shop dealer will give you more, but that is according to the pawn shop that you go too.

You do need to remember that not every piece of jewelry is something that a pawn shop is willing to pay out cash for. If you do not come back for the jewelry, then the pawn shop isn’t going to be able to get their money back out of it. It’s even a good idea to get a small scale and weigh your gold and platinum yourself, so that you know exactly what it’s worth weight wise.

You don’t need to go to the first pawn shop that you run across. Do some research, as with anything else in this world, there are bad pawn shop owners out there that are looking to take your jewelry and replace it with a fake.

One thing that you do want to remember is that if you are pawning the jewelry, not selling it. Make sure that you go back in the specified time to pick it up, or at least make the payment that will hold it there for you, or you will end up losing your jewelry.

Pawning your jewelry isn’t all that hard, just follow the tips above, and make sure to do your research first. Choose a reputable pawn shop and don’t settle for the first one that you come across and you will be find. Don’t forget to pick it up on time, so that you don’t lose your investment as well.


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