Create Custom College Class Rings

Wearing class rings has been a tradition since 1835 and has become a staple for those who are graduating. Celebrating your hard work through special Custom College Class Rings can help you commemorate these years. Many people choose to wear their class ring long after graduating, to show that they are proud of their accomplishment.

Although there are many different traditions and ways to wear them depending on where you are and what school you attend. For some, they believe in proper etiquette for wearing a ring, for example, those who are in school should have the insignia facing them and when you graduate the ring can be turned around. Regardless of what traditions you choose to follow, every ring is unique and important to each person.

Depending on how important traditions and etiquette is to yourself and your school, you don’t always have to follow the trend and choose a traditional class ring. Finding Custom College Class Rings might be a challenge if you want something different from everyone else. Although you can find many rings on sale online, not many offer the option to customize your ring to your particular style.

One company that is willing to go above and beyond the typical shops, J. Jenkins Sons Co. offers these Custom College Class Rings to your particular needs. If you’re a woman, there are many elegant designs to choose from, delicate rings might seem like a challenge to customize, but it’s possible with a little hard work. For guys who don’t want to be flashy, there are some very sleek options to engrave which can come at a low cost.

Regardless if you step out of the traditional class ring style, there are many options for you to consider. Finding the perfect class ring can ensure that you’ll continue to wear it, and be comfortable wearing it. Once you graduate college, there’s no better way to show off your accomplishments than a class ring, short of carrying around your degree and showing people on the street. Invest in yourself and wear your pride every day to remind yourself of your hard work.

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