How Can You Arrange An Emergency Bail Bond?

Emergency bail bonds in St Paul MN are something that are arranged once a person has been arrested, charged with a crime and incarcerated. The first step in a criminal case is the arraignment where the defendant is given the opportunity to plead either innocent or guilty, normally at the same time the judge will set the amount of bail that is required for the defendant to gain temporary liberty. If you are charged with a serious crime such as murder, rape or armed robbery there is no doubt that the amount of bail demanded by the court will be considerably more than if you were arrested for a simple misdemeanor. This is one criteria, the seriousness of the crime, the judge also takes into account the past criminal record of the accused.

Once you are in the situation where you either sit in jail awaiting trial or you arrange for emergency bail bonds in St Paul MN you have to make that decision. What is it you want, to sit in jail or get on with your life?

Bail bonds have two purposes; one is to allow you to gain temporary freedom and the other is to ensure that you actually will show up in court for your trial. The amount of bail set is either determined by the judge at the arraignment or in some cases the amount is dictated by the state. The bond amount cannot really be set higher than what is affordable; as a matter of fact it is actually unconstitutional to do this but there are many cases where the rule is broken by a judge who is faced with a case of aggravated murder, felonies are not taken lightly by judges.

Once the amount of bail has been set it is up to the accused to raise it. The accused may be able to raise the amount from his or her personal resources or perhaps family and friends can pull it together. If this is not possible then you can ask for the amount to be lowered, maybe it will be but maybe it won’t. Regardless, if you cannot raise the bail money by any other means you can turn to a bondsman who will pay the bail on your behalf for a fee which usually is a combination of a percentage of the bail amount plus collateral.

Should you skip and not appear in court for your trial the bond will be forfeited, the bondsman then can dispose of the collateral which may have even included your home to cover a potential loss and you can be hunted down and returned to court by a bounty hunter.

Very few people will opt to stay in jail awaiting trial when they can arrange for emergency bail bonds in St Paul MN. If you wish to regain your freedom then you are invited to contact Liberty Bail Bonds.

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