Tips For OEMs Partnering With Electronic Design Services

There are very few OEMs, particularly smaller companies, which complete all their own in-house design and manufacturing services. With today’s complex systems and specialized automated processes offered by niche companies, it is no longer cost-effective for the OEM to attempt to create precision parts at competitive prices.

One of the most cost-effective options for OEMs to consider is using the same contract manufacturer for both design and production. This means the OEM partners with companies offering electronic design services who also complete prototyping and production for the OEM.

When choosing a partner for electronic design services, the range of services and manufacturing options available beyond the design stage should always be a consideration. There are other factors to consider as well when making this critical choice.

Industry Understanding

Every industry has specific standards and requirements for an electronic component. In addition, requirements for domestic sales and international sales can create additional standards that must be implemented in the design.

Working with an experienced design service with a history of projects in your industry is always an essential consideration.

Quality Control Systems

With both electronic design services as well as production services, it is essential to understand the quality control systems that are put in place. Without full testing of all designs, it is more likely that prototypes will have glitches and bugs, which delays the production, increases the costs and can allow options for competitors to get into the market.

Ability to Meet Budget and Schedule Factors

Any contract manufacturer selected should have a solid reputation in on-time order delivery and work to the agreed upon budget. Top companies specializing in this type of work have an extended customer base of small to large OEMs that can attest to their ability to get the job done.

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