3 Ways a Hard Drive Shredder Could Save Your Life

What does a hard drive shredder got to do with saving my life? The truth is hard drive shredders don’t just shred hard drives and dispose them into tiny pieces, they destroy your electronic record completely. Your data or your electronic record is permanently obliterated, keeping personal information safe from public eyes.

If your hard drive isn’t shredded upon disposal, you may be at a huge risk for identity theft. The impact of identity theft can be measured in three major ways:

Financial Loss

If someone gets a hold of credit card account information, they can open an account or even apply for a loan under your name. When someone uses your credit card account and doesn’t pay, your credit score takes a nosedive. You may even be charged for writing bad checks, depending on the degree of severity.

Auto loan insurance policies are also stolen from unshredded hard drives. Stolen insurance policies in your name skyrockets your debt and also sinks your credit score.

Criminal Consequences

Identity theft criminals aren’t always after your money. Some criminals use your name from hard drive data to commit crimes. A hard drive shredder keeps criminals from stealing your hard drive and capturing the data to commit a crime and pass the blame to you.

Emotional Toll

If identity theft does hit, people aren’t always emotionally prepared to handle the stress. The victim may feel significant guilt and shame, especially when the theft is a result of carelessness.

A simple hard drive shredder is a preventive defense against identity theft. These machines scatter hard disks into pieces that are unrecoverable. They can’t be put back together again. These hard drive shredders are the equivalent of industrial metal shredders; a conveyor belt transfers the hard disk and drops it into a machine that shreds the disk completely.

Hard disks contain all the cookies that save your private login information when you shop online, log in to an email or save to the computer. Naturally, this may contain your Social Security number, bank card information, passport information, financial or credit report, tax information and anything that can be used for theft.

Better to be safe than sorry. Investing in a hard drive shredder is one of the safest defenses against identity theft.

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