Tips for Men to Survive Their Very First Trip to India

When you first step off the plane, arriving in India, it can be a bit overwhelming. There are over a billion people in this country, which equates to a sixth of the world’s population. With more than 22 official languages in the country, as well as several hundred different ‘mother tongues’ India is quite diverse and for those who are unprepared can be quite the ‘culture shock.’

Some tips that will ease the transition when visiting this country can be found here.

PDAs with the Opposite Sex are No-No

When men hold hands and walk down the street, or give their buddy a hug, it is no big deal in India. This is not a sign of homosexuality, either, but rather just something that guys in the country do. However, if you are traveling with your girlfriend, any type of PDA is considered a no-no. Out of respect for the locals in the area, it is a good idea to be discreet in how to display affection to your girl/boyfriend while visiting.

Get to Know Something about Cricket

Any guy that does not learn something about cricket can instantly lose face when trying to have a conversation with local men. Try to memorize at least three different heroes in Indian cricket and drop them into a conversation from time to time. This will help you ‘fit in’ as best you can with the locals in the area.

Be Ready to Eat with Your Right Hand

In many parts of India, eating without using cutlery is standard; however, when eating with your hands you should only use the right one. The left one is the one used for the toilet. When eating, be sure not to shove food in the mouth with your fingers, since this is also considered rude or disrespectful behavior.

Remember, traveling to India is often equated to traveling to an entirely new world. The people in this part of the world do things differently and learning a thing or two about how to do things this way will help you enjoy your trip even more. After you have acquired your Electronic Tourist Visa, be sure to increase your knowledge on the dos and don’ts for men for your visit. This will help you fit in and truly enjoy all the country has to offer.

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