The Coolest Way To View The Chicago Skyline That You Need to Know About

If you are planning on taking a trip to Chicago, one of the most enjoyable and memorable things you can do is to check out the best skyline view near Chicago. While many establishments may boast of being able to provide such a stunning benefit, the widely acknowledged place to see the famous Chicago skyline is the 360.

What Is It?

Based in the John Hancock Center, 360 Chicago is an observation deck that towers 1000 feet above Michigan Ave. Viewers are taken to the 94th floor of the building and receive a breathtaking view of not only the Chicago skyline but Lake Michigan and no less than three of the states that surround Illinois. It also features a very unique attraction called TILT. This feature actually takes visitors and literally tilts them out over Michigan Avenue from the 94th floor. It is certainly a one of a kind way to see the city!

Other Amenities

If you’d rather see the best skyline view near Chicago in a more relaxed state of mind, you can always visit the bar and distillery that are located in the 360 Chicago facilities. If adult beverages are not your style, there are non-alcoholic drinks to be had as well.

A Bit Of History

After taking in an exhilarating view of the city and surrounding area, take a journey to the lower levels and learn a bit of history about the city of Chicago.

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