CANS and Behavioral Health-Focused Online Assessment Software

CANS, or Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths, assessment is a comprehensive communication tool and evaluation for trauma-related behavioral health. CANS-based assessment software generates starting treatment plans, story maps and fundamental notes for fast insights on decision support.

Types of Assessment Tools

CANS assessment software includes such support as screening tools, diagnostic tools, checklists, functional assessments, assessments level of care, decision support and satisfaction surveys. Applications include education, human resources, corrections and other well being-related fields of focus.

Return on Assessment

CANS assessment measures responses over a period of time, transforming health assessments into applicable care and treatment plans.

The online assessment software achieves these goals by automatically collecting, tracking and implementing any necessary child or adult assessment tools or instruments. Responses efficiently convert to outcome measures in support of outcome research, evaluation and management.

Behavioral Health Support

Functions offered by an assessment software include:

• Collaborative support between programs and agencies
• Assessment for social determinants, well-being and welfare and safety
• Change-over-time assessments
• Voice and choice capture and honoring
• Resilience and recovery trajectory tracking
• Care risk, assessment and due reminder automation
• Structuring for determination of level of care
• EHR integration
• Unresolved and resolved needs dynamic view generation
• Strength-focused care support
• Linkable data analytics and visualization warehouse

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