Tips For Great Color Printing In Eagan, MN For All Your Projects

Today, color printing in Eagan, MN is really the go to option for advertising, marketing and informative publications. While there are some situations where black and white is a great option, even menus, postcards, business cards, presentations, manuals and letterhead are often best highlighted with some carefully selected colors.

When you are designing your project for professional color printing in Eagan, MN there are some things that you need to keep in mind. By following simple guidelines you can select colors that complement each other and also colors that are used uniformly throughout your project or related projects.

Make Sure You Use the Right File Types

If you are going to have your color printing in Eagan, MN done at a printer or copier store then you have to make sure that all files are sent in the correct format. This means that you cannot simply use any image that you may have found off the internet as this will result in a blurry, grainy or poor quality reproduction of the image.

Since many people what to use digital images on their color printing in Eagan, MN make sure you are going directly to the source and using the original image. Typically the online upload system will notify you of the types of files and images that can be accurately reproduced.

Choose Background and Font Colors Carefully

The choice of colors, including background colors for text boxes, borders and font colors can all have a big impact on the final overall look of your color printing in Eagan, MN. Too many colors and too many different fonts will end up looking cluttered and overdone and will definitely distract from the effect you are trying to create.

You can create monochromic types of styles using, for example, a light blue background and dark blue text or borders, but there has to be a significant difference between the shades of blue. Bright colors such as lemon yellow, lime green and neon colors are great for highlights but may be very hard on the eyes to read as the main color for the font of the background of your color printing in Eagan, MN.

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