Craft Beer Lovers Live In San Francisco

If you are looking for an apartment for sale in San Francisco, you may be a beer lover. In reality, you are probably a craft beer lover. You patronize the creations of micro breweries. You want to live in San Francisco because, per capita, it has more micro breweries than any other city in any state in the United States.

A Brewing Past

San Francisco has always had a love affair with beer. Even two centuries ago, it was doing its part to keep the industry thriving. According to statistics, the city had almost 24 breweries in 1896 – over 100 during its time from the Gold Rush to the present. The 1906 Earthquake put paid to many of them, but others survived – only to be wiped out by the great experiment that failed – Prohibition.

In the 1950s, the breweries began to reestablish themselves. Yet, the greatest impact on the city and even the nation was the establishment of the craft beer movement. It began in 1965 with the purchase of Anchor Brewing by Fritz Maytag. From that point onwards, San Francisco craft beers began to flourish.

Craft Beers and Brewers in San Francisco

If you are seriously considering that cozy apartment for sale in San Francisco, chances are you won’t have too far to walk to enjoy a craft beer. You may soon you have a preference for the local favorites. You can visit:

  • The City Beer Store (SoMa)
  • Cellarmaker Brewing Company (So Ma)
  • Amendment Brewery (SoMa)
  • Southern Pacific Brewing (Mission)
  • Marin Brewery (Bay)
  • Moylan’s Brewery (Bay)
  • Iron Springs Pub and Brewery (Bay)
  • Mill Valley Beerworks (Bay)

These are a few of your options. They only scratch the surface of what San Francisco breweries can offer you. You can spend time exploring bars and breweries to sample the various craft beer on tap and available in bottles. Yet, when in doubt, go to the SF Beer Week held annually in February. Here, you can enjoy the history and the taste of California brewing companies over a glorious 10-day period.

During the SF Beer Festival, simply give yourself over to everything beer. Enjoy gourmet meals, beer dinners, films and evenings where you can personally talk to the brewers about their product. For those who do not like beer, but enjoy history, visit the museum exhibition on the subject or catch a talk on the subject.

There are many reasons why people shop for the right apartment for sale in San Francisco. One reason could well be the availability of high quality craft beer. In San Francisco the growing number of microbreweries attests to the thirst of the city’s residence for the best taste in this simple pleasure in life.


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