Tips for Cleaning Out Your Little Gymnast’s Closet

Your little gymnast has outgrown all her gymnastics leotards, but you are having a hard time getting her to let them go to a gymnastics consignment shop so that other girls can benefit from her old clothes. Your daughter loves every sparkle, design, and inch of her custom-designed leotards and refuses to part with any of them because they are to dear to her. Well, you can’t just let her keep them in your closet forever, so read on below for a few of the top tips for getting your little gymnast to clean out her closet.

Explain that Others Might Not be so Fortunate
Sitting down and explaining to your child that others might be able to benefit from the clothes she has outgrown is the first step in getting her to give up her leotards for gymnastics consignment. Remind her of all the fun she had wearing those leotards and that if she doesn’t give them away, then some other little girl might not have the chance to do gymnastics the way that she has. Nine times out of ten, your daughter will be willing to give up her outgrown leotards more easily after that.

Offer to Refill the Closet
Let your daughter know that if she wants more gymnastics leotards that actually fit her, she is going to have to clean out her closet and take the older ones to a consignment shop. This should make up her mind pretty fast, especially if you offer to take her shopping for more afterwards.

These are just a couple of tips for helping you convince your little gymnast to clean out her closet and take outdated leotards to a gymnastic consignment shop. For more information, contact the professionals at Garland Activewear today for help.

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