A review of the most common flooring options in the market

Picking a new floor can be a daunting task, especially for one without as much knowledge of flooring options. You will likely find that there are many options to choose from, each with a strong and weak point. Depending on the look one wants to create with their rooms and the potential flow of traffic, there normally are many considerations to keep in mind. Here are some of the most common floor types available;


Hardwood is one of the traditional favorites. If you are looking for a hardwood floor in Florida, you will be happy to know that it is one of the most durable varieties in the market. It gives your rooms that warm and natural feel. The most popular hardwood in use today is oak. However, other varieties like cherry and exotic varieties like Brazilian cherry of the Tasmanian oak are worth considering. Hardwood floor often come in a variety of options, like plank, parquet, and easy to install pre-finished boards.


Bamboo is different from hardwood in that the material that is used to make it is not a tree but a woody grass. Bamboo is a fast growing rapidly regenerating plant that that has as much tensile strength as steel. This makes it ideal because of its ability to resist the swelling and contraction that comes from changes in humidity. Most bamboo flooring is pre-finished and made with tongue and groove joints like any other standard wood finish. Bamboo is fast becoming a popular option because it is grown in controlled forests and takes about 3- 5 years to reach maturity. Old growth hardwoods can take up to 120 years to grow to full size.


This is an option similar to bamboo in that it is a green flooring option. It has a distinct honeycomb-like structure that gives it that cushiony feeling under the feet. It is because of this that it absorbs vibrations and sounds. If dented, they bounce back. Most cork flooring comes pre-finished, meaning installation is not necessarily difficult to pull off. They are non-slip making them ideal for wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

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