Tips for Choosing Residential Paving Services

Getting a driveway paved can be a costly endeavor, averaging more than $5,000 per job, so you want to make sure you choose the right company to help you with the project. If not done properly, a driveway might last just two or three years instead of up to 20 years. There are a number of factors you should consider when choosing Residential Paving Services.

Thickness and Materials

If you’re repaving over an existing driveway, the company should apply at least two inches of asphalt. If they’re removing your current asphalt and starting from scratch, you want them to use a gravel base followed by at least three inches of asphalt. Otherwise, your driveway may need to be replaced quickly. A higher-grade or commercial asphalt will last longer, so it may be worth the extra cost. Make sure, if you get multiple quotes, that all of the companies are quoting using the same specifications and quality of materials.

Number of Employees

Because asphalt needs to be applied quickly to keep it smooth, it’s best to choose Residential Paving Services that include between five and seven people per crew.

Necessary Equipment

Don’t hire anyone who is going to do the paving by hand. You’ll get much better results if an asphalt paving machine is used. Some companies that charge less can do so because they don’t have this type of expensive equipment or have older, poorly maintained equipment.

Other Considerations

Make sure any company you use has the proper insurance coverage, including worker’s compensation, auto liability, general liability, and an umbrella policy to cover any potential things that could go wrong during the job. Coverage should be somewhere in the range of $500,000 to $2,000,000. They should be licensed and bonded, and preferably have been in business for a long time. Schedule the job for a time when the temperature is likely to be higher than 50 degrees. Unless the job is particularly large, the company shouldn’t ask you to pay any money up front, and you shouldn’t make any final payments until you’re satisfied with the job.

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