Throw in some Holiday Whimsy to your Inventory

When you are looking for new ideas when purchasing your wholesale fashion earrings and other accessories why not consider adding a little fun to your inventory with some holiday options. You can find many fun ideas that will help sell jewelry as impulse buys when the emotional call for fun and nostalgia reaches your customers with a touch of whimsy.

Halloween is the perfect time of year to find fun, spooky wholesale fashion earrings and other accessories. Customers can be encouraged to purchase them as a fun, under spoken addition to their outfit on Halloween for the office for a bit of festive amusement. Look for items with spiders and webs, skeletons, pumpkins, cats and other little spooky touches for a touch of fashionable fun. You can also look for sexy additions such as fishnet stockings, black satin gloves and hats with a 40’s vibe netting. Plan displays grouping orange and black fashion items and accessories to get people in the “spirit” of things.

Christmas is definitely the season of bling. Look for items with pretty touches such as angels, holly and plenty of accents in reds, greens and whites. Gold and silver lame items also work well for the Christmas holiday season. Push your elegant evening wear with higher end jewelry to encourage purchases for Holiday parties. Include evening clutch purses as well as items such as tiaras, gloves and fine hosiery.

Easter is all about pastels as well as snugly bunnies and baby chicks. Think of classic Easter egg designs and seek out items that will provide a sense of nostalgia. Pretty dresses, sweet and precious outfits and accessories all fit the idea of Easter fashion. If you carry hats, think Easter bonnet and hang them where people will see them.

Valentines Day
Don’t forget this romantic favorite and pull out the big guns with plenty of red and pink. From outfits to purses and wholesale fashion earrings in heart shapes or with red rhinestones envision the needs of the romantic dinner and encourage purchases that will meet her needs. And don’t forget the sexy lingerie and nightwear if you carry it not only for a surprise for him, but gift items he might be encouraged to purchase when passing by your shop window.

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