Three Tips for Choosing Your Dream Lakefront Property

Who hasn’t dreamt of sitting in front of a mountain lake on their own front porch at the end of a long day spent outside? This is, of course, a very achievable dream and many people decide to take a step into that dream every year by buying a lakefront property. Now, any real estate transaction calls for thoughtful research and consideration. But purchasing lakefront property presents an entirely new set of questions and research that you may not have thought of in other real estate transactions.

Some of the questions to think about include:

Think about the property more than you think about the house.

It’s easy to fall in love with some homes. They are beautifully laid-out, cozy, and may be everything you’ve ever wanted in a lakefront home. The problem is that lakefront property is different. What happens if you can’t easily get to the water, or neighbors start intruding on your privacy. What is the beach is muddy for a good part of the year? Moral of the story -; you can change the house -; but this is one situation where location is absolutely everything!

Make sure the house can stand up to the weather.

A home next to the water undergoes more stress from the elements and exposures than the typical suburban tract home. You will need to make certain that you protect your home from them as much as possible. The steps you take will vary home to home -; but things to consider might be storm shutters and stainless door hardware.

Choose the Right Lakefront Property Agent

You need an agent who really understands what the pros and cons of waterfront property entail, and who can educate you on the things you may not know about an area. The right lakefront property agent will understand the necessity for insurance shopping and will be able to explain the need for the surveys and elevation drawings that are critical to lakefront property.

When you’re ready to start looking for the right lakefront property in the Lake of the Ozarks and Osage Beach area, contact Team Jane Kelly ( They are a passionate groups of realtors who are commited to providing the highest levels of quality service to their clients. They love this beautiful part of the world – and are eager to show you all the wonderful things that can be discovered by living here.



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