Soundproofing in Manasquan Is Improved Greatly by Cellulose Insulation

It is hard to imagine anyone who likes to hear excessive noise coming from outside of the home or from another part of the home. Multi-family units are prone to be noisy. After a long day working around noisy equipment or people, it is nice to come home to soundproof spaces. How relaxing to be free of obtrusive noise and perhaps sirens or mechanical equipment working nearby. Scientists have proven that ongoing high-level noise will begin to cause mild trauma and depression. Unwanted noise affects concentration, comfort and behavior. This has been proven to be a serious problem with children between the ages of 4 and 10 years old. Even beyond 10 years old, excessive sound disrupts homework or enjoying a conversation with the family.

There is a great solution for reducing noise levels in a home or business, and it is cellulose insulation used as Soundproofing in Manasquan. Sound Transmission Class (STC) is a laboratory method of testing the transmission of sound through walls, and cellulose insulation performs far better than fiberglass does. Cellulose insulation can be sprayed into every area of the wall studding and the hard to reach places with fiberglass insulation. The coverage alone provides better soundproofing, and the coverage ensures that every area is insulated.

So, now Soundproofing in Manasquan is a solution for the noise created by the parties they did not invite you to, and a solution for couples who believe that shouting every day is the way to settle family disputes. When you insulate with cellulose, you won’t care about the party; you might not even know there is a party. As for the marital discourses, you can be sure that they won’t affect your marital harmony, because everyone will have a peaceful existence in your home.

Fireproofing is another important feature of this insulation. Omega Point Laboratories conducted full-scale tests on different types of wall assemblies and concluded that cellulose insulated wall sections provided up to 77 percent more fire protection than no insulation. The National Fire Laboratory of the National Research Council of Canada is one of the world’s premier fire testing facilities for building materials, and they said that cellulose insulation provides fire resistance by up to 71 percent more than no insulation.

Another feature of cellulose blown insulation is the prevention ice dams from forming by controlling heat loss from the home.

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