Three Reasons to Consider Moving Off-Campus in Tampa

If you go to a bigger college, you probably have been forced to live in the dorms for your freshman year. After that, you have the option to continue living in the dorms or move off-campus. Have you considered moving into one of the USF apartments in Tampa? It’s a great step, and here are three reasons why.

Three Reasons to Move into an Off-Campus Apartment

1. Privacy – When you move into a dorm, you will certainly have more independence than ever before. One thing you won’t have is privacy. In most cases, you will be sharing a small dorm room with one other person and a bathroom with ten or more people. Moving into one of the USF apartments in Tampa means you will live with maybe one or two other people and will have your own bedroom.

2. Cost – Your school would like you to believe that living on campus is cheaper than living in an apartment. This is actually not true when you actually take a look at the room and board costs. On top of that, you aren’t forced to purchase an overpriced meal plan when you move off-campus.

3. Quiet – You can focus on your studies and just enjoy more hobbies when you live in your own apartment. You will have more space and a quieter space because fewer people are around.

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