Commercial Cleaning Service in Westfield NJ for Your Lobby

How horrific does your lobby look? Smell your couch, does it stink? If so, you need to get some professional help. Your clients, prospects and vendors may not be impressed with the smell that is lingering around in your lobby. The smell can come from a combination of things.

For example, people may have sprayed themselves with perfume while sitting on the couch or rubbed hand lotion on their hands and spilled the lotion into the fabric. You also could be dealing with the smell of pets from cross contamination. For example, cat and dog owners could be leaving animal dander and fur behind when they sit on the couch. If it has rained recently, your couch may smell like a wet dog that has knocked over a bottled of cheap perfume. In order to solve the problem, you will need to look into Commercial Cleaning Service in Westfield NJ.

How many stains have you notice on the chairs in the lobby? You may be looking at coffee and tea stains. Either way, there is no reason to try and hide the stains with pillows or fabric covers. Instead, you need to do what works. That means you need to look into the best Commercial Cleaning Service in Westfield NJ. When you speak to the consultant, you tell him how large your lobby is and how much traffic comes through each day. You can also tell him about the smell and stains on the furniture. You will be happy to hear how he can help you.

When the professionals arrive, you will be thrilled to see them. That is because they have the experience you can trust and the tools to get the job done. You will be thrilled that your furniture no longer features stains or smells like a wet dog. As a result, you may be interested in booking a weekly or daily rate. In terms of rates and what is included, the consultant will be happy to go over all of the details with you. The best professionals are found at SERVPRO of Central Union County & SERVPRO of Roselle. So, call the consultant now and turn your lobby into an inviting space that you will be proud of.