Three Questions About Pet Grooming In Alexandria VA For Dogs

Pet grooming not only improves a dog’s appearance, but it has many other benefits as well. One of the most important benefits is that grooming is healthy for dogs. Before scheduling an appointment for pet grooming in Alexandria VA, read the three questions and the answers below.

Q.) How does regular grooming improve the health of a dog?

A.) While bathing a dog, a professional groomer can feel any lumps on or under the animal’s skin. A lump that’s felt on a dog can often be the sign of a serious illness. Dog groomers know how to tell if the animal has any issues that could impact the health of the animal. The groomer also looks for signs of fleas on each animal and alerts the dog owner. Fleas can make a dog sick and some dogs have bad reactions to flea bites.

Q.) What kinds of services are normally provided by a professional dog groomer?

A.) Dog groomers have various duties besides just grooming the animal. The groomer bathes the dogs and takes note of any wounds or sores on the dog’s skin. If the dog has any matted fur, the groomer straightens out the tangled fur. After grooming the animal, the groomer can clip the dog’s nails and clean the animal’s ears.

Q.) What styles of haircuts are popular for dogs when being groomed?

A.) Professional groomers can cut a dog’s hair in various ways depending on what the owner prefers. A common grooming style for puppies is the puppy cut, which is a short style that’s cut to the same length all over. A popular cut for adult dogs is done by cutting the hair on the body a medium length and trimming the hair on the head and face shorter. Some dog owners prefer to have all the fur on their dog shaved off, especially in the summer months when the temperature is hot. A groomer who specializes in pet grooming in Alexandria VA can suggest various haircuts that are popular for dogs.

Pet owners who wish to have their dog groomed by a professional should visit Hayfield Animal Hospital. Contact us for more information about pet grooming and to schedule an appointment for your pet today.

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