A Construction Site Accident Law Attorney in Bronx NY Can Help if Any Mistakes Are Made

Construction sites are inherently dangerous. They are often in the middle of an urban area, with scant protection for pedestrians. A seemingly minor error can cause major injuries to workers and passersby, and these injuries can lead to a lawsuit. In this article is a list of common mistakes that cause construction injuries, along with a discussion of how a construction site accident law attorney in Bronx NY handles claims.

Inadequate Barriers

Pedestrians should be kept far away from construction sites to prevent injuries related to falling debris. Anyone close enough to the site to be hit by a falling object should wear protective headgear. Because it is not practical to require passersby to wear hard hats, pedestrians should not be permitted near work zones.

Insufficient Warning Signs

Sometimes, people may not realize that the area is an active construction site and there’s a danger of falling debris. All entry points to work sites should have clearly posted signs instructing workers and others to wear protective headgear.

Poor Inspection Practices

Debris may fall when restraining devices become weak and old. Cords, hooks, and connecting devices should regularly be inspected for wear, and flawed equipment should be replaced right away.

Failure to Secure Equipment

Tools cause many falling-object injury cases. Because these tools are frequently moved, they are left unsecured in many instances. However, anytime people walk below a work area, tools should be secured to prevent falls.

Personal Injury Cases Related to Falling Objects

A worker or pedestrian may sue a construction company for injuries related to falling objects. Most worker injuries are covered by worker’s compensation insurance, and the rules discussed here only apply to non-employee cases. To win a personal injury claim, the victim must Contact us to prove:

* The defendant was required to keep the area safe

* That the requirement was not fulfilled

* That the non-fulfillment was a proximate cause of the harm

Construction site accidents related to falling objects are quite common, and they can result in lasting effects for victims. Every case is different, and victims should not handle the matter alone. By hiring a construction site accident law attorney in Bronx NY, a client can protect his or her right to recovery.

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