Three Problems that Require Professional Plumbing service in Renton

Some plumbing problems are easy for the average homeowner to address on their own. For example, a clogged drain or toilet can usually be cleared using a plunger. However, other problems occur which are too big and complicated to be taken care of without professional help. Three problems that require professional Plumbing service in Renton are an overflowing sump pump, a burst water pipe, and sewage that has backed up into drains.

Overflowing Sump Pump

One problem that requires professional plumbing service is an overflowing sump pump. Water that accumulates in a sump basin is removed by a sump pump located in a home’s basement or crawl space. If the sump pump stops working, there is no way to remove the excess water and the basin begins to overflow. While the homeowner can do a few things to remedy this situation, such as cleaning up the water, avoiding flushing the toilet, and running faucets very frugally, the pump itself will need to be repaired or replaced by a professional.

Burst Water Pipe

A burst water pipe is another problem that requires professional plumbing service. Burst water pipes most often occur during winter in cold climates. The repeated freezing and thawing of water in pipes along with the increased pressure caused by liquid water building up behind the frozen water is a recipe for disaster. There is not much a homeowner can do in this situation except to shut off the water and clean up the mess. A professional plumber will need to make the repairs.

Sewage Back-Up

The third problem that requires professional plumbing service is sewage that has backed up into drains. When a small clog goes beyond just a simple drain problem and grows and lodges itself elsewhere within a home’s plumbing, sewage can begin to back up into toilets, sink drains, and shower drains. Occasionally, tree roots can grow into a pipe on the outside of a home and cause the same problem. A homeowner will need assistance from a professional plumber to locate and clear the blockage.

Pat’s Plumbing can provide professional Plumbing service in Renton. Whether the problem is an overflowing sump pump, a burst pipe, or sewage that has backed up into drains, Pat’s Plumbing can help. Residential bathroom and kitchen plumbing services are available, as well as commercial plumbing services and water line repair. Visit the website today for more information.

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