3 Uses for Corrugated Boxes

The corrugated cardboard box is arguably the most commonly used box in America. The corrugated box was originally developed and intended for use in shipping. The brown corrugated box was synonymous with a parcel in appearance. While this correlation has not changed or disappeared, corrugated boxes have definitely evolved to meet customer demands. Corrugated boxes can now be customized to meet customer needs, goals, and requirements.

Here are three uses for corrugated boxes:

  1. Shipping — The corrugated box started off as a shipping box. Known originally and exclusively as a parcel, the brown corrugated cardboard box signaled to its recipient that a shipment had been received. The manufacturing process for this box has improved greatly so that the cost for each box remains fairly low. As manufacturers have begun to incorporate recycled materials, the corrugated cardboard box has become more environmentally friendly. If you are someone who frequently ships items, you may want to consider ordering corrugated cardboard boxes in bulk. Online retailers have customized their corrugated box orders by using flexographic printing to brand their boxes directly. This leads to a greater customer connection and easy brand recognition.
  2. Storage – Corrugated boxes serve as excellent storage pieces. Corrugated cardboard material does not attract critters. It is also sturdy and durable with three layers of cardboard. These boxes are available in just about every size, so you can store anything from oversized body pillows to toiletries in a corrugated cardboard box.
  3. Packing – Corrugated cardboard boxes are often used for packing. In fact, when most people are packing or planning to pack, they think of the corrugated cardboard box first. Whether they are moving to a new home or packing items for transfer to a storage facility or unit, the corrugated cardboard boxes are among the sturdiest and most affordable choices. Corrugated box manufacturers understand their markets, industries, and customers, so they price their materials to suit their customers’ needs. When you purchase a corrugated cardboard box, you purchase quality and durability every time.

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